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Based in Bordeaux, the Manag’Art association supports artists in their artistic development as well as cultural establishments. Thus, the structure is working with several emerging jazz groups to develop a strategy allowing them to become more professional. To do this, Manag’Art supports musicians on a daily basis for communication, the production of their albums, the coordination and production of concerts, fundraising, the setting up of tours and the establishment of contracts.


Started by being an accountant and switched to music industry, Judyth is production administrator for a jazz club. Then, she met Edmond Bilal Band and became artists manager / tour manager / production manager / (music) producer. Extreme utopian, in 2019, she founded the label Grain(s) De Riz for the musicians. Based on mutual aid and sharing, Grain(s) De Riz is born from a phrase used in Martinique 'Sé grenn di ri ka fè sac'. Geek and maniac about fonts, she can be angry if the graphic charter is not respected.

Hungry for discovery, the culture has always been a part of her life with books, museums or theaters. It means sharing and personnal growth. Music is obviously very important in her daily life to get through difficult times or to celebrate her victories. Always ready for some quality time with her closest ones and meeting new people, Margaux chose to study foreign languages. In 2017, she helped her hometown to welcome the Tour de France and to organise a music festival, called "Festival des Nuits de Saint-Jacques". Seeing the smiling faces and delighted people was like an eye-opener. At the same time, Margaux got more and more interested by the wedding industry and decided to pursue her studies in event management.

Having finished her studies in communication and artistic promotion, she chose to do civic service to gain more experience. Passionate about art and music from a young age, it seemed obvious to her to specialize in these fields of activity. Music punctuates every minute of his life with drawing and reading. Dancer and dreamer in her free time, she enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures; especially Asian culture. She enjoys seeing the smiling faces after every show and telling herself they had a good time gives her real pleasure. Everyone has a dream to fulfill and they have decided to make theirs come true.

Adress :
Pépinière Rocher de Palmer
1 rue Aristide Briand 33150 Cenon
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+33 7  86 66 76 57
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