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Manag'Art is supporting artists and cultural institutions on a daily basis. Our services are designed to meet your needs and the legal obligations. We are aiming to let you devote yourself to art.


Manag’Art is providing to its subscribers all the administrative tasks needed for succesful concerts, festivals or exhibitions. Thus, our organisation will take care of:

  • Live engagement contract drafting, disposal agreement drafting, co-production drafting..;
  • Musical performance invoices ;
  • Payroll management process (pre-recruitment declaration or DPAE with the URSAFF, registering and payment of social contributions, pay slips, monthly certificate of employment or AEM, vacation for performing artists) ;
  • Analysis of the activity ;
  • Grant application and civil society aid process (ADAMI, Spedidam), call for tender,
  • Crowdfunding campaign ;
  • Payroll at the end of the month.


Cultural institutions

We are also supporting organisers of cultural events to provide professional support for their projects:

  • Coordination ;
  • Programme ;
  • Overall organisation ;