Atrisma back from Cameroon

Atrisma back from Cameroon

Atrisma is back from Cameroon and it was a crazy experience!

As part of a partnership between the French Institute of Cameroon, the Rocher de Palmer and Manag’Art, the band Atrisma had the chance to spend a week in Cameroon. During the Jazz 237 Festival, where they were able to play in Douala and Yaoundé and meet local artists.

It was a rich experience both on a human level and from an artistic point of view.

They arrived on Monday, April 24 in their hotel in Douala. But it was not until the next day that their journey began. They could realize a day of discovery of the city as well as realize exchanges with other musicians: Samy Mahop. Their first concert will take place on Wednesday at IFC Douala. They then made a 5-hour journey to reach Yaounde for their next concerts. Which took place on Friday at le Comptoir des arts. Atrisma had the cahnce to meet Djim Radé’s band and jam with them on the afternoon. On the evening, Atrisma gave a sold out 1 hour and 30 minutes concert. On Saturday, Atrisma had the chance to discover local rtists with Patrick Duval, the director of Le Rocher de Palmer. The showcases took place at the Lab, created by Serge of the Jazz band Macase. Sunday was dedicated to visit the city and the surroundings of Yaoundé with the other members participating in the program. After an intensive week, the band adventure ended and they left Yaoundé to return to France.

Special Thanks !

We want to thank the French Institute Team of Cameroon, especially Yann Lorvo, Samuel Pasquier, Eloise Rovery, Noemie, Eva and Marcel for that wonderful tour and experience that hold a special place in our heart.

The trio, composed of Vincent Vilnet (keyboards), Hugo Raducanu (drums) and Johary Rakotondramasy, comes back with a lot of memories and a smile on their faces.

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