Jazz Incubator

The Musique en Bastide organisation and Manag'Art have decided to create the Jazz Incubator and Improvised Musics from Entre-Deux-Mers to support jazz artists and improvised music artists from department in their artistic development.

Artistic Development

Manag’Art is helping artists for their long-term development. Thus, in addition to our usual services, we are implementing a development strategy built with the artist:

  • Project definition ;
  • Strategy implementation ;
  • Backward planning ;
  • Communication medium ;
  • Discography project’s support ;
  • Civil society registration ;
  • Artist’s representation.

Jazz Incubator and Improvised Musics

Each band will have an individual support. Thus, a backward planning will be designed to enable long-term development:

-Management ;

-Communication ;

-Production ;

-Training about scenic expression, communication and management ;

-Career building ;

We have been supported three emerging bands from Gironde for two years to secure their artistic development. To do this, they will have access to the Simon Veil cultural complex in which will happen :

– a paid residency for 4 days ;

– a recording session in studio during 5 days to record an album ;

– classes of scenic expression and communication and management training ;

– training and recording days.

Pep’Jazz Days

There will also have workshops opened to local musicians in Bordeaux.

We would like to answer the following issues:

– Becoming a member of SACEM (Society of Autors, Composers and Publishers of Music) and an associate of SPEDIDAM (French society for the collection and distribution of royalties for performing artists) and receiving your royalties;

– Exporting your music abroad: playing overseas and distribution;

– Building an online presence: website, social media, streaming platforms.

Simone Kids 

Each band will host an interactive workshop for primary school and middle school students from the department for half a day. In order to share the musicians’ experience and provide knowledge to children.

-A one-hour concert;

-Introducing the artist and his journey;

-Post-concert interview;

-Music initiation.