Amalia Umeda Quartet

Amalia Umeda Quartet

Jazz - Footprints Artist

Newly formed jazz band, Amalia Umeda Quartet brings together four graduates of the Academy of Music in Katowice and Henryk Majewski College of Music in Warsaw. Amalia „Umeda” Obrębowska (improvising violinist, composer, arranger), Franciszek Raczkowski (jazz pianist and composer), Michał Aftyka (double bass) and Michał Szeligowski (drums) explore the power that music has to trigger our emotions.

Amalia Obrębowska is the leader of the project and collaborated before with several musicians, like Jim Black, Maciej Obara, Miles Perkin, Mike Stern. She performed at many music festivals in Poland and France.

Franciszek Raczkowski performed also with several artists and bands, especially the Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra. He took part in master classes with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Adrean Farruggia, Kit Downes, Lee-Kum Sing and Carlo Palese. Most importantly he is the author of his debut album, Apprentice (Franciszek Raczkowski Trio)

The double bass, Michał Aftyka cocreated several bands, like Ola Błachno Quartet, Theos & Vincents, JAH Trio.

Finally, the drummer Michał Szeligowski performed on many jazz stages in Poland and released his first album with another band, the Przemysław Chmiel Quartet, called „Witchcraft” (2020, Fundacja Słuchaj).

Line up

 Amalia Obrębowska: Violin| Franciszek Raczkowski : Piano| Michał Aftyka : Double bass | Michał Szeligowski : Drums




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