Innvivo releases an acoustic version of Novembre !

Innvivo releases an acoustic version of Novembre !

The band Innvivo releases an acoustic version of their brand new single ‘Novembre’!

For a reminder, Innvivo is the hip-hop-jazz duo that we accompany. It is composed of Clément Laval’s music (guitar, synth, voice) and Hugo Raducanu’s texts (voice, texts, percussions).

At the beginning of last year, they joined the Krakatoa incubator for the class of the year 2022. Krakatoa has set up this incubator to support the creation and professionalization of local artists. In 29 years of existence, they have supported no less than 160 projects. They make a link with the musical sector with help for diffusion and communication for example and a professionalization section. There is also an individualized follow-up and a legal protection set up.

Innvivo released 3 EPs including the latest one “Pays Sage” released back in 2019. They are back today with a new track called “Novembre”, offered with an acoustic version:

In this acoustic version of the song ( that includes a video ), we find the two artists in the middle of nature. It is a strong reminder to the video illustration used as representation for the song in its official version.

Go stream “Novembre”, available on all streaming platforms! Surprises are to come…