Amalia Umeda Quartet Footprints Tour 2022

Amalia Umeda Quartet Footprints Tour 2022

Amalia Umeda Quartet had the opportunity to go on tour, financed by the program Europe Creative Footprints ! This program has for main purpose to help a number of young players in the European Music Industry. This help is done through mentoring and networking for the with the young selected on the European continent. The program also works towards transforming the industry into a more ecologicaly friendly functioning industry.

It was a unique opportunity for the artist that just released it’s first album Nowswit. She could promote it to different audiences accompagnied with her 3 sidekicks.

The group, made up of the violonist Amalia Umeda, the pianist Franciszk Raczkowski, the bassist Michał Aftyka and the drumer Michał Szeligowski. The 4 young musicians are bound to the contemporary jazz ambiance. They are graduates of the Music Academy of Katowide of the University of music Frédérice Chopin of Varsovie.

The polish group had the opportunity to perform at Stadtgarten(in Germany), and at the Oslo Jazz Festival (in Norway), both centered around the Jazz Music genre. It’s a jump in the deep end for the young quartet.

You can find the 10 titles of the album Nowswit now on Apple, Youtube, Deezer and Spotify.