Innvivo at the Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship forum

Innvivo at the Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship forum

Meet the Innvivo group on March 29th from 6pm at the Rocher de Palmer at the forum dedicated to Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship. 

To end the day well and relax, let Innvivo embark you! Direction, a contemplative journey “within the living” proposed by the music of Clément LAVAL which perfectly matches the texts of Hugo RADUCANU. Innvivo is the hip-hop jazz trio of the moment; hailed by the critics: “The fusion between Jacques Brel and Oxmo Puccino is done without problems. (Les Oreilles Curieuses) ! Composed of Hugo Raducanu, Clément Laval and Thomas Carretero, they will be there to transport you in their dreamlike universe. 

Learn more about CCEs:

The CCE at the Rocher de Palmer are back; a day dedicated to meetings, exchanges, to debate and share points of view. On the program you will find the round tables, find information and registration by clicking on the link Moreover, if you wish to develop a project, you can come to the Workshops throughout the day. You can meet professionals of the sector who will be able to accompany you in your steps.

All the information about the ECC is waiting for you on the Facebook page of the event. You can also fin it on the website of the Rocher de Palmer.

While waiting to see them live, their albums L’or du Monde and Pays Sage are available on all streaming platforms, such as Spotify.