Export Music Days Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Chine

Export Music Days Atrisma

Export Music Days Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Chine

Export Music Days

Under the export program of the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, named ‘SIRENA’, the LABA has the goal to support organizations from the musical and creative industry to go abroad. Thus, the Export Music Days Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Chine project was created.

One of the goals of the project is to take part in the Fête de la Musique in Shanghaï in June 2019 with

Atrisma and Robin & The Woods, thanks to Action Jazz to bring the jazz of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. On this occasion, Manag’Art organized the travel of the jazz bands. Thus, Atrisma and Robin & The Woods had the opportunity to perform beyond European borders.

Following this tour in China, we also contributed to the drawing-up of the Vade-mecum on exporting music to (continental) China.

By all accounts, this project has been a success and we are working on new shows in the Franco-Chinese Institute in Beijing, with the support of the CNM.

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To discover the Chinese adventure’s highlights, watch the video here!