“Prends” The new single from Innvivo

“Prends” The new single from Innvivo

Innvivo presents its new single “Prends”. A poetry with dancing tunes, which allows you to dive into the humanist & melancholic universe of the duo from Borde.

This track was written during the difficult times of the Covid pandemic, a dark and unfortunate time. The message of this single is simple: take time and grow up in the face of life’s adversities. Filled with hope and humanity, Hugo Raducanu (voice/percussion) and Clément Laval (multi-instrumentalist) have left the electronic side aside for the time of this single to leave room for a melancholic poetry on a Sevillanas tune.

The cover of the single “Prends” was made by Thomas Carretero, the illustrator has already accompanied several projects of Innvivo. We can see a microscopic view of an organism, of a disease, put in color. This reminds us of the message of the single: see color in the darkness of life. You can discover a taste of the sound as well as an animated version of the cover on their Instagram page (@innvivo_).

Even if the single reminds you to take your time, don’t waste it and go for it. It is available today on all streaming and download platforms. You can also take the opportunity to listen to their track “Supernovae” released in January.

Enjoy !