Professional Music Day

Professional Music Day

On Thursday March 16th we had the opportunity to do a professional music day in collaboration with Oara and the Rocher de Palmer.

This event took place at the Rocher de Palmer starting at 11:30 am. We could find the artists of the label in showcases during the day. Indeed, the duo Innvivo opened the ball with a 45 minutes show in front of an ultra receptive audience! They then gave way to Atrisma for a progressive jazz performance. Without forgetting J-Silk who made us travel between soul and electro.

During this professional music day we could also attend an artists’ lounge where each one could present his project, it was composed of Perrine Fifadji, Sthyk Balossa and Kokopeli. The label Babôrd was also able to make the presentation of its organization!

To finish the day with panache, we had the chance to attend the concert of “Bengue“/Fidel Fourneyrin-UQBAR!

We would like to thank the Rocher de Palmer for their hospitality and also the Oara for its participation. We especially wanted to thank the professionals for being present during this day, for having come to discover us and to bring support.

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