A look back on Atrisma’s concert at Quartier Libre

A look back on Atrisma’s concert at Quartier Libre

On Thursday February 9th, the trio Atrisma played at Quartier Libre, a bar/restaurant in the Saint Michel district of Bordeaux.

After having released their album “Sable” on December 15th during a party organized by Manag’Art at the Rocher de Palmer, the band Atrisma went to play at the Quartier Libre for a night! Intimate and close to the public, it was the occasion to discover them under another angle. They also took the opportunity to improvise for fifteen minutes, which pleased their audience! In addition to playing their new album, they also covered some tracks from their previous EPs “Chrone” and “Aurosmose”. For those who would have missed this opportunity, don’t panic, other dates are to come !

The trio will be on tour in Sainte Néomaye and Bordeaux :

March 25, The Temple, Sainte-Néomaye

May 12, Jazz360, Bordeaux

Atrisma will also do a showcase on March 16 as part of the Journée Professionnelle Musique, a collaboration between the OARA, the Rocher de Palmer and Manag’Art. There will also be Innvivo and J-Silk, an artists’ lounge, a presentation of the Babôrd label as well as a concert by Bengue/Fidel Fourneyron-UQBAR.

We will also see the duo Innvivo at Quartier Libre on March 31st, so save the date !